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It is a company located in Guarne, Antioquia, which was founded in 2004 through the constitution of a society where they began to consolidate the ideas of two people who wanted to reach the length and breadth of Colombia and successively to all corners of the world, having as main objective to consolidate a company with permanence in time.


At American Flowers, we offer you a wide portfolio of hydrangeas, varying not only in presentations, but also in the most beautiful natural colors. We cut and prepare your hydrangeas as you wish.

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How We Take Care of Your Hydrangeas

In AMERICAN FLOWERS we have rigorous standards in the different production processes in...


Conoce Un Poco Sobre HORTENSIAS¡

En AMERICAN FLOWERS contamos con rigurosos estándares en los diferentes procesos productivos


Un Poco Sobre El Cuidado De Hortensias En Casa

Lo primero que debes saber, es que las hortensias (hydrangeas) son plantas que demandan muchas


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