American Flowers Medellín

It is a company located in Guarne Antioquia, which was founded in 2004 through the constitution of a society where they began to consolidate the ideas of two people who wanted to reach the length and breadth of Colombia and successively to all corners of the world, having as main objective to consolidate a company with permanence in time.


American Flowers has been working since its foundation to train and empower its human resources, where each employee takes ownership of the assigned activity, the company focuses on results but not on processes, framed in communication, teamwork, principles and values.


Its purpose is to develop and offer a product of unbeatable quality, which allows it to be recognized worldwide.
We are aware that the only way to achieve this purpose is to implement everything necessary to generate value for the customer, regardless of its cost in both the product and the service.


Rainforest: at AMERICAN FLOWERS, we work to provide the world with excellent quality hydrangeas, minimizing the environmental impact generated during the production process. This is why we rely on international certifications, which guide us in our constant search for a sustainable planet for our future generations.

Social responsibility

In our company, each employee as well as his or her family, is part of the AMERICAN FLOWERS family, which is why the company has several corporate policies aimed at the integration of our entire family, through different activities that take place throughout the year.


Our main objective is care and support each other, generating an egalitarian work environment and providing growth opportunities for those who wish to do so.

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